The Importance of Dads Playing Rough!

Let’s bust a couple of myths about dads!

  • Only mums can bond with babies. MYTH!
  •  Dads don’t make a difference. MYTH!
  • A dad’s main job is to make money. MYTH!

Let’s face it – fatherhood is so much more! Fathers are assuming many roles in contemporary society, including:

  • A responsible & remembering father
    e.g homework, doctors’ appointments, sports days
  • A nurturing & affectionate father
    e.g. Hugs, kisses, one on one time
  • The provider/protector
    e.g. food, clothing, housing, education
  • The household partner
    e.g. Cooking, cleaning, shopping

One of the ways in which we nurture and celebrate our wonderful community of fathers and male significant others, is through our Rough and Tumble Play (RTP) program. 

What is Rough and Tumble Play? Why is it important for fathers?

Rough and Tumble Play (RTP) is physical, fun and high energy play. It is play that’s not aggressive. Almost all highly intelligent mammal species (including us) benefit from rough and tumble play.

Scientists are now confident that RTP improves children’s: 

  • problem solving
  • social skills (discerning social boundaries & cutes)
  • ability to manage strong feelings and emotions (self-regulation)
  • muscle development

We know that a strong & loving father beside a child can build up emotional strength and mental abilities. This is because fathers tend to be more challenging, less verbal and encourage risk taking.

Men and women have different brains when it comes to parenting. Studies have consistently shown dads (and male significant others) naturally spend more time exploring with children while mothers spend more time nurturing. It’s not better, it’s just different, and these differences are important for children to experience. 

Need some ideas on rough and tumble play?

  • Wrestling
  • Sock wrestling
  • Swim noodle swords
  • Water spray games
  • Tickling games
  • Angry birds – Stack card boxes and chuck pillows at them
  • Puddle jumping 
  • Mud crawling

Throughout the year, 360 run a number of Rough and Tumble Play Workshops. This program is designed for dads and significant male others in children’s lives, to gather, to learn about the importance of dad’s playing with their children and how this play impacts on their child’s brain development. Children attend the workshop with their dads, to be supervised whilst their fathers learn, and then to play together!

If you would like to hear more about our Rough and Tumble Play or attend one of our Dad Workshops, click on the enquiry form below.

Special Mention: Rough & Tumble was developed together with the Benevolent Society. It forms part of the overall 360 Early Education “Dad’s Engagement Strategy”. We are proud to create a rare opportunity for Dads to get together and discuss the unique and critical role fathers play in parenting.