Programs & Curriculum

The 360 Curriculum is a responsive curriculum, driven by the decisions that teachers make to support children’s emerging knowledge, skills and dispositions.

High Quality Programs

Children ask questions or show us nonverbally that they are wondering, and as educators we make the decision to respond, or stage manage, or resource their investigation to empower the child to find the answers themselves.
The 360 curriculum has been developed over a decade, and is consistently under review to ensure that new research, innovations in technology and the changing skillset of our team are always embedded in practice. Our approach to pedagogy, which is the name for the science of teaching and learning, is built around a child’s emerging ideas. We might call these their hypotheses, or schemes, or assumptions.

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High Quality Practice

Our programs represent the wealth of child development knowledge, pedagogy and (combined) centuries of parenting experience that has passed through, and remains, in the 360 family.

Because we see children as competent, capable and resourceful, we listen to what they have to say. Our activities are purposeful and the materials we equip children with are high quality and well maintained. We encourage measured risk taking, challenging environments and celebrate little mistakes, recognising that resilience comes from perseverance!

Our educators delight in being surprised by a child’s theories. We love to sit with uncertainty and explore big ideas together. We expect big ideas to take time.