Our Commitment to Child Safety

As a Child Safe Organisation, 360 is committed to providing an environment that fosters health, development, spirituality, self-respect and dignity that is free from violence, trauma and exploitation that have long lasting effects on children’s development, behaviour and well-being.

In our service, programs are developed around the children’s voices. We tune into their ideas to build practices that show how valued, competent and capable they are. We recognise the importance of friendships, and help children feel safety through belonging by factoring social dynamics into transitions, enrolments and day-to-day practice. Our risk management strategies explicitly call out practices that make children feel voiceless, and we build strategies to respond to these situations.

Our organisation will welcome families and communities with transparency, openness and genuine empathy. We welcome all families, regardless of background and abilities, and seek diverse perspectives to develop and evolve our practice. Families understand how to share feedback, positive and negative, and have frequent opportunities to do so. As managers and leaders, we will ensure that procedures and expectations are clear. We will identify, measure and mitigate risk. We will seek out feedback and find ways to improve.

We will embed child protection at every level, through the people that we hire, the training we provide, the behaviour we model and the culture we develop in our community.

Our Child Safety Charter

At 360, we have adapted the National Children’s Commissioner’s Child Safety Charter to make a commitment to uphold children’s rights within our organisation.

  • Respect – We will treat everyone equally no matter who they are or where they are from. We will make sure everyone feels
    included and welcome. 
  • Inform – We will give you information about your physical, emotional and online safety, and what to do if you feel unsafe.
  • Give you a voice – We will make sure there are lots of ways for you to have a say and be involved.
  • Help – We will listen and act on what you tell us. We will help you with your hopes and dreams as well as your worries and fears.
  • Trust – You can trust that we will care about your needs and feelings and will support you. We will continue to get better at what we do. 
  • Safety – We will make our place happy and comfortable for you.