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360 Early Education Throsby is Now Open!

Our newest Early Childhood Centre and Preschool in Gungahlin and Throsby will take your breath away. This service has been built for Canberra’s children, designed by experienced Early Childhood Teachers who live and work on Ngunnawal land.

A short walk to Throsby school, Mulligans Flat and conveniently located in a quiet loop street behind Horse Park Drive, 360 Throsby will tick all the boxes.

The attention to detail in this service will amaze you. With gardens designed to challenge, inspire and delight, there’s no shortage of room to run at our Gungahlin childcare centre! Designed around the central concept of a treehouse, the playground welcomes children into a natural environment in the shade of the Throsby Tree.

The classrooms are purposeful, engaging and abundant. Each piece of furniture has been designed, curated and constructed by sector experts, teachers, architects and experienced craftspeople. From the soaring ceilings to the cosiest corners, this is a place to nurture children.

Our programs, policies and procedures are tried and tested by our sister services in NSW, developed in partnership over years with managers on the ground in the ACT. These services have exceeded the National Quality Standard consistently from the time the Assessment and Rating system was introduced.

Families are supported by an engaged staff, facilities to connect and meet, to share ideas and learn from parenting experts.

We can’t wait to welcome you to 360 Early Learning Throsby, Mulgara Loop.


0 - 2 Years

Light filled with soaring ceilings and a great view of the playground, infants can feel both secure and connected to the broader service. We have considered visibility and supervision from every angle in this space. An educator is always close at hand; at play, at rest, at care and meal times. We have two sleep spaces, calming with natural and gentle lighting.

The rooms at our Gungahlin daycare centre are carpeted for noise reduction, with added rugs that we’ve had specially designed for children who might just want a place to sit before or after sleep. We’ve got big, comfy feeding chairs, and breastfeeding parents are welcome.

We recognise that not every baby will be on the same schedule, so we have a meal prep space, fridge and dishwasher drawer in the room so that we can provide the babies with what they need when they need it. Outside, the infants have a play space that is flexibly separate from and connected to the larger yard.

The babies have opportunities to climb, slide, balance and explore safely with a fort, water and sand play. Touch and taste safe plants welcome sensory exploration, and there’s also open space for ride-ons, kicking balls and playing parachute games.

Our fees are inclusive of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, nappies and sunscreen.

2 - 3 Years

Toddlerhood is a time of exploration and discover, with engaging routines and real life resources that allows toddlers to discover how the world works and how and where they fit in. Our two interconnected toddler rooms are purpose built to support small group sizes, acknowledging the importance of close and consistent relationships for these little learners.

Our toddlers will be able to participate in our Beyond the Classroom Curriculum, Munch Masterclasses and Imagination Library Literacy Programs from the Throsby Early Learning Centre. They also have access to both the big playground, and the nursery playground, depending on where they find comfort.

Our fees are inclusive of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, nappies and sunscreen.

3 - 5 Years

At 360 Child Care in Gungahlin & Throsby, it’s great to be a pre-schooler! Our programs have been developed over years of teaching experience, and mapped to new research theory, high quality curriculum models and the Early Years Learning Framework. Importantly, we celebrate what it means to be three and four. Resources are plentiful and varied, and our playground is a pre-schoolers dream!

Preschool programs include:

  • Mindfulness to nurture pro-social skill and social emotional competence
  • Regular excursions through Beyond the Classroom
  • Hands on cooking experiences as part of the flow of the day
  • Dedicated, bespoke designed spaces for independent art making, scientific exploration, construction, role play and reading
  • A 100m walk to the door of Throsby primary school, enabling for regular engagement with, and preparation for, the physical transition to school.
  • Our fees are inclusive of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, and sunscreen.

Outdoor Environment

Our outdoor environment is the foundation for big ideas – cities, ramps, towers and moats, and a nesting place for the smallest imaginings.
It’s a place with clear boundaries, and unbroken connection to the world around. It’s a place where groups – small and large – are welcomed. Where complex rules and roles emerge through project planning. Negotiation. Compromise. Communication. Risk taking.
Shade sails are complimented by natural shade coverings like vines and creepers to allow for increased light in the cooler months and lovely leafy coverage when it’s warm.
With an awesome fort, bike track and outdoor ‘rustic hut’ classroom it is such a haven for our little explorers!

Centre Managers

Tania Simpson

My name is Tania Simpson and I have been working in early education for over 25 years, and in various leadership roles for 20 years. I hold my Bachelor of teaching in early childhood as well as a Diploma of leadership and management.

I am passionate about early education, the possibilities of children’s learning, brain development and connecting with our world through engaging and quality programs.

I am excited to welcome our families into the service and to work in partnership with you to support the children to grow, learn and become active citizens in our communities.

Our parents are our biggest supporters

Don’t just take our word for it. We have thrived because of our strong local reputations, thanks to the support and recommendations of our families.

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