Nurturing Children. Supporting Families. Building Community.

We recognise that children can only flourish when they are part of a healthy wider world that includes their families and the broader community. This is why we seek to not only nurture individual children, but also to support their families and contribute to the building of supportive communities around our children.

Nurturing Children

Did you know that ninety percent of a child’s brain develops before they are five? Children need nurturing care to develop to their full potential. In the years before formal school begins, children are at their most susceptible to environmental influences. High quality early learning and care is so important for giving each child the best start.

We use our expertise in child development to promote optimal cognitive, physical, social and emotional development by providing exactly what children need, exactly when they need it most. We do this by;

  • building responsive and consistent relationships between children and our educators
  • promoting healthy lifestyles through movement and nutritious meals
  • providing social and emotional development programs based in Neuroscience, such as MindUp and Primary Caregiving
  • providing safe, secure, and enriching learning environments
  • delivering exceptional early learning programs through our 360 curriculum

Supporting Families

Parents, families, and significant care givers are a child’s first teacher. At 360, we partner with families, communities, and experts to nurture the children in our care. We’ve developed a unique approach to supporting families that helps to develop core capabilities to navigate the complexities of parenthood. Our programs are accessible, and responsive to the demands of family life. Through online parenting tools, workshops, group work or 1:1 assistance and referral services we work as a team to provide support and build capacity to ensure all families thrive.

Building Community

Our services are designed with community in mind and positioned as hubs for teaching, learning and connecting. Our mission is community building, with a focus on social responsibility and support. We partner with teaching institutions to train the next generation of teachers and educators as a service of choice for practicums, research partnerships and as best practice exemplars in industry publications. We are enriched by our relationships with community organisations such as United Way’s Imagination Library, where we support early literacy across Australia, along with more local organisations and charities. We rally as a community to provide help and support as needed, embedding a spirit of charitable giving in our youngest citizens.

Whether you are just dropping in for a chat, a play date, a celebration of learning, a workshop, parent teacher interview or parent committee meeting you are welcome and valued as a member of our community.