In 2016, we conducted a review of the literature around Risky Play.  It showcased that children’s connection to the outdoor world and exposure to physical activities have decreased significantly over the last few years.

Sedentary life associated with limited physical activities and rising screen time has changed children’s lifestyle, health and understanding of the natural world.

The Beyond the Classroom project builds a tangible and authentic connection between the service and the local community

Moving beyond the walls of our service expands learning potentials exponentially.

The 360 philosophy sees children at the core of a teaching story in three parts, with parents the first teacher, and caregivers as the second. If environments are the third teacher, think of how much more we can learn by venturing into new spaces! 

Bush School

Bush school is a holistic education approach based on the Scandanavian “Forest Schools”. Children are involved in a largely unstructured, play based curriculum in local, natural environments. Through Bush School, children will connect with and develop respect and appreciation for the natural world.

Swim School

We have partnered with a local swim centre to provide swimming lessons for our preschool children. We organise additional classes from term 4 for those families who are keen to be involved!