North Ryde Child Care Centre

360 Early Education’s child care centre in North Ryde shares a vision to provide the highest possible quality outcomes for children in our care through innovation within the early childhood industry, exceptional care and education, celebration within our community and leadership with heart.

We follow The Early Years Learning Framework in developing our program to ensure it offers a variety of child directed, child inspired and educator guided opportunities. We value play-based learning as an ideal context for young children’s development and this is reflected in our practice. An interest based approach takes the whole child into account, focusing on their social, interpersonal, emotional, physical, cognitive and developmental needs. We believe that children have a right to be appreciated as they are at this present moment. Each child’s developmental journey is unique and occurs at its own pace. Our art as educators is to be able to be with the child during this developmental journey with love, care and guidance.


Our educational programs at our North Ryde childcare centre are derived from current research and our educators undergo continual training in evidence-based approaches to early childhood education. We have great partnerships with local universities and undertake several research projects each year. This ensures we remain at the forefront of our field for and to the benefit of our children, families and educators. Our curriculum moves Beyond the Classroom. By engaging an Outdoor Learning Coordinator and a minibus, this allows us to provide valuable experiences in the greater outdoors. All age groups travel on excursions to discover that we belong to a wider community, allowing us to build relationships with local initiatives and services. Key programs include Bush School and Swim School.

We believe that through developmental cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness training, social emotional learning and positive psychology, our staff and children will reduce stress, build resilience and self-regulation to optimise their capacity for the learning journey at our North Ryde Preschool.



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Business Hours


7.30am – 6.00pm

We operate for 50 weeks of the year and close down for two weeks over the Christmas period and on Public Holidays.


Exceeding National Quality Standards

The service has maintained the highest possible accreditation rating ‘Exceeding National Quality Standards’ as awarded by the NSW Department of Education, over 12 years.


Family-owned and Operated Daycare in North Ryde

The reason our we have been able to maintain the highest possible accreditation over such a long period of time is that we are a family owned and operated organisation with a management team that has been in place for the better part of a decade.


Beyond the Classroom curriculum

By engaging an Outdoor Learning Coordinator and a minibus, this allows us to provide valuable experiences in the greater outdoors. All age groups travel on excursions to discover that we belong to a wider community, allowing us to build relationships with local initiatives and services. Key programs include Bush School and Swim School.


Collaboration with Macquarie University

A number of university-led studies are conducted in the teaching rooms throughout the year to inform centre practices and to evolve our teaching programs. Past studies include the Social-emotional competence of Mandarin Speaking Immigrant Children in Australian Childcare, Working Parents and Quality of Life, Children’s Language Acquisition and Understanding of Plurals.


Collaboration with the Benevolent Society

A charity that collaborated with the service to launch the ‘Dads and the importance of Rough & Tumble Play’ workshop. These workshops are designed to encourage fathers to engage in physical play with their child and to recognise the neurological benefits that arise from this.


Collaboration with the Imagination Library

The Imagination Library is a multi-national initiative that seeks to raise literacy levels in disadvantaged communities by providing free books to children from birth to 5 years. This foundation provides the centre with books each month as part of the centre’s literacy program. The centre actively fundraises for the Imagination Library throughout the year.


Parent Committee

A body of families with children enrolled at the centre that aims to strengthen the centre’s community ties.  They manage our fundraising events and provide feedback on innovations and initiatives in programming, physical environments and centre celebrations


0 - 2 Years

Our priority in the babies room is ensuring consistency between each baby’s home life and their time at the service. We also place strong emphasis on strong attachments and consistency of educators. As children progress between teaching rooms from birth to 3 years, we aim to ensure that the same group of educators will remain with the same group of children. Furthermore we follow a primary caregiver model; educators are assigned a specific set of children to nurture more closely throughout the day. By maintaining consistency, we acknowledge that attachment is a fundamental ingredient for healthy brain development. Strong attachments lead to a strong sense of identity and a sense of security which increases the willingness to explore and learn.

Our North Ryde early learning fees are inclusive of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, nappies and sunscreen.


2 - 3 Years

Our toddler room provides a tangible hands-on approach, with engaging routines utilising real-life resources that allows toddlers to discover how the world works and how and where they fit in. We understand that toddlerhood is a time rich in transitions and we strive to support families and children as these skills emerge and expand at our childcare in North Ryde. Our toddlers have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities including our Beyond the Classroom Curriculum, Munch Masterclasses and Imagination Library Literacy Program.

Our fees are inclusive of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, nappies and sunscreen.


3 - 5 Years

Our North Ryde preschool rooms are committed to laying strong educational foundations and preparing children for the transition to primary school life.

We provide children with

  • School Readiness Program covering kindergarten Key Learning Areas
  • Mindfulness Program (MindUP!) to nurture pro-social skills and social-emotional competence
  • Beyond the Classroom curriculum involving excursion programs, Bush School and Swim School
  • Imagination Library Literacy Program

Our fees are inclusive of morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late snack, nappies and sunscreen.


Outdoor Environment

The outdoor area of our North Ryde Childcare Centre consists of two playgrounds, both with an abundance of natural elements to foster the children’s appreciation of nature and the outdoors. The nursery playground (for 0 – 2 years) is a dedicated space for babies to safely explore outside as they become more confident in their gross-motor skills. Highlights of this area include a mini mud kitchen and sandpit.

The older age groups (over two years old) enjoy a larger space to support a variety of physical activity and risky play. Children are invited to undertake risks by navigating themselves through the tree stumps and rocky terrain. Other highlights of the preschool playground include our large rock pit and campfire space.

Gardening is also a large component of our outdoor program. We have a thriving herb and vegetable garden where we are growing seasonal produce. We also have a succulent garden and a worm farm. The children are very enthusiastic about maintaining our gardens and enjoy helping their educators water the plants, collect dry leaves and trim the hedges. They also routinely take care of resident and visiting animals; the children create bird feeders for the local birds and use their leftover food scraps to sustain our worm farm.


Centre Managers

Jessica McKay

My name is Jessica McKay and I have been working in Early Childhood Services for 19 years. I have been with this team since our very first opening day back in 2009, and have had the pleasure to be part of this amazing Service and our journey. I have been fortunate to see so many families and children develop during their early years and look forward to meeting you and your family.


Rachel White

My name is Rachel White and I have been working in early childhood services for 14 years. I have had the pleasure of working with this amazing team since 2017 across our two Sydney services in various roles. I am passionate about all of the exciting and innovative programs we offer to children and their families. I look forward to meeting you and your family. 


Rémi Sallansonnet

My name is Rémi Sallansonnet, I have been working in early childhood services for 13 years. I am fortunate to have only worked in exceeding services and held various roles in both teaching and management. I am passionate about our core program Beyond the Classroom that I have helped developed over the years. Children greatly benefit from learning experiences such as bush walks in our local national park, community engagement and exploring Sydney's cultural life. In 2023, we initiated a Dad's Collective Group promoting male involvement. Regular meetings foster community where we discuss parenting successes, challenges and highlight the unique role fathers play in parenting. I am looking forward to meeting you and your family.

Our parents are our biggest supporters

Don’t just take our word for it. We have thrived because of our strong local reputations, thanks to the support and recommendations of our families.

"There are many things that I like about your Center but the most important one is the professional and caring educators you have."


"The level and quality of care and education provided by the service is excellent."


"The structure of the whole organisation is very good most importantly the Staff, they are very friendly and knowledgeable"


"Everyone is always friendly and helpful. Support provided to the child has always been above and beyond. Child loves attending"


"An excellent daycare centre with wonderful educators - I always know my daughter is well looked after!"

Emma Jayne

"The educators excel in their work, friendly demeanour yet professional."


"I love the programs and the educators really form a connection with the children, and I feel my son receives an excellent level of care."

Maria Trinette

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