Dad Support

There are several programs in New South Wales, Australia, that offer support and resources specifically for dads. Here are some links to these programs: 

Dad’s Group Inc.  Dad’s Group Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support and resources to dads in New South Wales. They run regular meetups, events and activities for dads and their children. They also offer online resources and a community forum for dads to connect and support each other. 

The Fathering Project – The Fathering Project is a national organisation that aims to improve father-child relationships and promote positive fathering practices. They have programs and resources for dads of all ages, including those in New South Wales.

Playground NSW  Playgroup NSW offers playgroups for dads and their children, as well as resources and support for dads. Their Dad’s Playtime program is designed specifically for dads and offers activities, games and support. 

Men’s Referral Service – The Men’s Referral Service is a support service for men who are experiencing family or domestic violence. They offer support and advice to dads who may be struggling with family issues or conflict. 

Relationships Australia NSW  Relationships Australia NSW offers counselling and support to families and individuals, including dads. They offer programs and services for dads who are going through separation or divorce, as well as support for dads who are experiencing relationship difficulties.