Supporting Families Ready for Big School

As we approach the end of each school year, it’s both an exciting and bittersweet time for all of us. Our little learners have grown and flourished in our preschool environment, and now the next big adventure awaits them – the transition to primary school. This is a crucial milestone for both children and parents, and it’s our priority to make this transition as smooth and positive as possible. 

Let’s explore some key considerations and tips to ensure a successful journey from preschool to primary school, that we implement here at 360 Early Education!

  • Build independence! At home, encourage your child to develop essential self-help skills. Simple tasks like zipping up a backpack, putting on their shoes, and using the bathroom independently will empower them and foster a sense of confidence.
  • Foster social skills! In the preschool setting, children have the opportunity to develop social skills, share, take turns, and cooperate with peers. Reinforce these skills at home and discuss the importance of making new friends in their upcoming primary school environment.
  • Talk about kindy positively! Many primary schools offer orientation programs or open house events. Attend these opportunities with your child to explore the new environment together. Familiarity can ease anxiety, and it’s a chance for your child to meet their future teachers and classmates.
  • Empower children through routines! Start adjusting your child’s daily routine to match the primary school schedule. Ensure they get sufficient sleep, have a healthy breakfast, and are ready for the earlier start time. Establishing a routine now will make the transition less daunting when the new school year begins.
  • Create a love of learning! Make learning fun and exciting at home. Read together, engage in educational games, and explore different topics of interest. Cultivating a positive attitude toward learning will contribute to your child’s enthusiasm for the academic challenges they’ll encounter in primary school.
  • Let’s talk about our big emotions! Maintain open communication with your child about their feelings and expectations. Discuss any concerns they may have and address them together. It’s crucial for your child to feel heard and supported during this significant transition.
  • Celebrate the wins, no matter how small! Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements your child has accomplished during their time in preschool. This boosts their self-esteem and reinforces the idea that they are ready for the next step in their educational journey.


As partners in your child’s education, we are here to support you during this transition. Feel free to enquire with us if you have any questions or if there’s anything specific you’d like assistance with. We are excited about the growth and success that awaits your child in primary school and look forward to celebrating these milestones together.